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Charity fund ''Circle of Friends"

В кругу друзей

“Circle of Friends” International Charitable Foundation

We are a non-profit, charitable organization consisting of evangelical Christians, which provides support for orphans, foster parents, graduates of boarding schools, and other young people who are in need of a social support network. 
Our activity is based on Christian values.

Our Mission
We want every child to smile.

Our Purpose
We help orphaned children, graduates of boarding schools, as well as other people, find their place in life and realize their God-given potential.

Our Vision
Young people should have the opportunity to build their lives on the Christian values.
All people should have the opportunity to reveal their personalities and should realize their potential.
All people should feel needed and accepted.

Our Objectives
Develop and implement projects to support orphans and those who need social assistance.
Provide opportunities for orphaned children, adolescents and youth to have rest, relaxation, and spiritual rehabilitation.
Organize and conduct the Christian camps.
Organize and conduct lectures, performances, workshops, seminars and conferences for those who work with at-risk young people.
Assist Children’s Family Style Homes (CFSH).
Provide psychological counseling and legal advice to support graduates of boarding schools.
Provide psychological counseling to support foster parents.
Promote the advanced education of orphans and graduates of boarding schools.
Develop and publish the educational materials in support of our vision.

Our Values
We have a friendly and cohesive team.
We support a culture of trust and respect.
We welcome professionalism and creativity.
Our Foundation’s activity is open and transparent.

About us

Our mission

To help orphaned children and orphanage graduates to find their place on earth and realize their God-given potential.

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