First Report 2016г.

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   Every single child is an unrepeatable world; it’s a small person who looks at a grown-up world with his trustful eyes, even though this world is so different and so often it hurts a vulnerable and pure heart of a child. You cannot explain to a child why does he have to suffer.

   Orphans know the feeling of pain and offense a lot more then the others. Love? They don’t know anything about love. They just don’t have anyone to get it from.
   We teach our children everyday, they take an example from us.
   Children in the orphanage don’t have anyone to take an example from.
   The system can feed them and even sometimes give them some clothes. But will they be able to prepare for the future without a support? What will they be like when they would have to enter the adult life?
   Every 35th child is from the orphanage in Ukraine. There are 774 orphanages and institutions of social protection of children in our country.
   104,000 children are brought up there, and only 10,000 of them are orphanes, and children deprived of parental care; other children have parents. That’s an impressing and scary statistics, isn’t it?
   Can we help them somehow? Are we able to change anything?
   The answer is positive: YES!

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