Computer Course

For three months, 6 adolescents with special needs every Friday diligently study computer science with the help of a talented teacher Pasha.

Individual Tutoring of Children in Boarding Schools

The November 2019 good news was the launching of the pilot project “Individual Tutoring of Children in Boarding Schools” jointly with Tacoma Christian Academy.


As you know, we experienced a serious test last summer when two children did not return to Ukraine after the Hosting program in the US.



Over the past quarter, two international adoptions have been completed, both involved adopting siblings. 

Christmas Gifts for Children in Boarding Schools

Christmas is a time of miracles but also the time of urgent need for help and support. We articulated it when announced the collection of Christmas gifts for children in boarding schools. 

Trips to Boarding Schools

First of all, we want to thank you for the prayers that accompanied each trip of our teams to boarding schools. 

Prayer Day for Orphans

He who receives one of these children in My name receives Me; and he who receives Me does not accept Me, but He who sent Me. Mark 9:37


School of Volunteers

The long-awaited meeting of the School of Volunteers took place on December 21! By tradition, it was a festive meeting – we celebrated Christmas – and a good reason to thank all our volunteers.


We have been running Hosting in the US program for over nine years. During this period, about six hundred children and hundreds of families have gained priceless experience.

Social Hostels

Every time our children, the boarding school graduates, make the life’s most important decision dedicating their lives to God and becoming part of the church, our hearts are filled with joy!


We  want  to  se  this  opportunity  to  thank  those  who  have  taken  the  step  of  faith  and welcomed an abandoned Ukrainian child or even siblings into their family.


Historically,  or  work  with volunteers  has  two  main  forms.


The camp is a special time when the team serves the children and the children serve the team

Social enterprise ICAN

For ICAN summer was a time when we were able to raise funds for an inclusive ICAN Camp.

Prayer needs

Autumn came designating a new year of service!

Medical service

A few years ago we met a boy named Bohdan

Day center and computer class

We had a vibrant and exciting spring at our Day Center with a lot of fellowship, ...


In April and May 2019, ClubOK hosted 2 regular meetings and 2 special events ...

Trips to the boarding schools

The spring in boarding schools was intense. In the course of two months, ...

Social Hostel

Circle of Friends started the Social Hostels project in 2014. The main objectives of the project ...


Volunteers are our treasure that we admire and care with joy!


The closer the summer, the more intense become behind-the-scene activities to get ...

"Caring for families" conference

Within the framework of the “Circle of Friends” Ministry, such programs as Hosting and Adoption ...


Every child should have a family. Sounds like a dream or a fantasy. However, ...

ICAN as a social enterprise

We thank everyone who cares, joins, and supports the ICAN project.

ICAN camp

ICAN camp is an inclusive camp, a place where everyone is welcomed.

Night to Shine

Night to Shine - it is an unforgettable night, which became a worldwide movement of celebrating God’s love ...

Daily Center

This year Daily Center started in the building of the “People of God” church.

Computer classes

Another year of computer classes is coming to an end. During that time we had a group of 7 kids ...


Right now there are 13 international adoption cases in process which our translators and lawyers are working on.

Orphanage graduates

It’s hard to believe that these two beautiful girls were in an orphanage and in the eastern part of Ukraine ...


"The first time I heard about hosting, I was very happy for children who can stay ...


Every person has the opportunity to discover the potential that God has laid on them.


There were four meetings during January-March 2019.

Visiting the orphanages

One of the biggest fund's values ​​is influence through long-term relationships.

About us

Our mission

To help orphaned children and orphanage graduates to find their place on earth and realize their God-given potential.

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