The adoption project apparently will grow in 2018, including international adoptions.


In the first quarter of the new year, trips to boarding schools were challenged through cancellations or delay due to the flu and whooping cough outbreaks. Boarding school where quarantined.


Our hearts hurt not only for orphans. We also worry and pray for graduates of boarding schools, because they are at risk and socially inept. There is a great need in ministry to those children.

PERSONAL CONSELING, WORK OF SPECIALISTS (psychologists, disability specialists, and speech therapists)

In the Day Center we run individual counseling of a speech therapist, disability specialist, psychologist, and also a drama class. These tools are really helpful for the development of children with special needs. These activities help them to speak, move and interact with adults better.


Christmas Hosting Program has just finished. It was attended by 14 families from Ukraine and 20 from the US. And we have already started preparation for summer hosting!


Thank you very much for your support, encouragement and especially for your prayers! We would also like to thank all those who help financially and send parcels. Our projects have become possible because of the responsive and caring hearts.


Elia, a volunteer: "I thank God and the organizers for the school of volunteers and for its monthly meetings.


The day center is an opportunity to love and serve every day!


We can talk a lot about our «KlubOK», but it's better to visit it at least once and to experience its atmosphere. Welcome!


We are sincerely grateful to everyone who is supporting and encouraging us, praying for us and collecting parcels for children! To all of you who support us financially - our projects are possible because of your generous heart for the children and our ministry.


To give away, you need to have something to do. This is the law of life! Therefore, to give to children, we need to be filled ... 


For several years now, we have another very important project that is called `Social Houses`. Orphaned children, who are released from boarding schools, face a huge problem – how are they supposed to live in this world?


Day center is a place where Children with special needs can come and just be themselves. It runs five days a week (Monday-Friday). 


Another blessed project which we have and is held twice a month is called `ClubOk` (meaning circle in Russian) where about 80 children and more than 40 volunteers come.


Like every Winter, we have sent out our Kids for a vacation. God blessed us, and we found families who took 14 children in Kamin-Kashirsk, Volyn, Ukraine and 20 children in the US.


The Day of Prayer for orphans is an opportunity for people who love these children to tell about them in their churches, to share blessings and difficulties and to attract new ministers to this special ministry - to orphans.


Since September 2017, a new season of trips to children in boarding-schools has begun It is important to start with refreshed strength and new ideas. Currently, we guard 15 boarding schools in 7 regions of Ukraine. 

Grateful for your help

We are very grateful to all who support and encourage us, who pray for us and send packages for the children! We are very thankful for financial support!

Computer Class

This is the one of the new projects. It has started in March, and in May the first group of children graduated from the program and got their certificates.

ClubOk`s Moms

Two and a half years ago when ClubOK just started, the idea appeared that we have to involve the mothers of the children with special needs as well. We’ve chosen time and place for the meetings and called it The Moms’ Club.


Well, the summer's gone, so we can summarize the Hosting Project. On the last two days of August 45 children from 9 boarding schools came back from their amazing trip overseas.

School of Volunteers

We consider School of Volunteers to be one of the most exciting events in our ministry.

Transitional Houses

This has been the fourth year since our first social apartment in Kiev opened its doors to the female boarding school graduates; the inhabitants love it and call it "House #1".

Day Care Center

The Day Care Centre focuses on the children with special needs. It works five days a week, Monday through Friday. 

Trips to the Orphanages

After summer holidays our teams are again ready for the fight! We're happy that all the children we are going to visit are indeed OUR children!

Summer camps

In our last Report we told about two camps in Zaturtsyi and Udaitsi orphanages. Two other camps in Izmail and Kopyliv were organized in July.

Thank you for parcels and help.

We will not get tired of thanking everyone who cares about the fate of our children, who share the warmth of their hearts, who sacrifice their time, precious in today's world, for orphans.

Thank you for the vehicle

We prayed for a new vehicle for the needs of the ministry, for a long time, since our "iron horse" for seven years of uninterrupted service has come into disrepair.

Summer camps

Summer is a time for entertainment and recreation for children. And it is also a good time for meetings and fellowship at Christian camps. 

Congratulating graduates

It has already become a tradition to congratulate our boarding schools graduates in May, when the last bell rings through the schools of Ukraine. 

Computer courses

The new project has been launched in March, a computer programming course for the children deprived of parental care, children from crisis families, and also children with special needs of the autistic spectrum. 

School of Volunteers

We always repeat that the ministry would not be possible without the help of people who care. Our volunteers are the force and the most valuable resource through which the dreams of orphans are realized.

‘Orphanhood in the Face of Life’ Conference

Those who still believe that we can change the world around us, gathered at the seventh All-Ukrainian conference ‘Orphanhood in the face of life’ held May 11 - 13 in Irpin.

Meeting and training for parents

A child with a disability ... No one is immune to this. This can happen to any family, and change its life drastically, and the whole family changes. 

“ClubOK” and Day Center for children with special needs

Meetings in ClubOK have been a source of joy and warmth not only for children, but also for their families – moms, dads, and grandmothers ‘in crises’.

About us

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To help orphaned children and orphanage graduates to find their place on earth and realize their God-given potential.

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