Gratitude for packages and help

Another reason to thank God - an opportunity to help those who find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

Social hostels

12,000 graduates from the orphanages “walk into the world” annualy in Ukraine. 70% of orphanes and the children deprived of parental care don’t have a place to live after they graduate from the orphanage

Hosting (in the USA and Ukraine)

To spend the time in the family is always a holiday, especially for our children from the orphanages. The regular Christmas period of the project “Hosting” came to an end in the late January.


For the child to grow up into a good person, it is necessary to put a piece of your heart in him, and a part of your “I”, and sacrifice your time.

Ball of thread (Sounds like ClubOkay in Ukrainian)

"If the sun in the sky doesn’t give you warmth, then you can find it in our "Ball of thread" - this is what our volunteers saying.

Volunteer’s school

"Volunteer’s school" - is our regular monthly important project. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the meetings of our voluntary workers, who come from all the corners of our country.

Trips to the orphanage

It is a lot easier most of the time. It is enough to give him just a bit of your time and hold him in your warm embrace.

About us

Our mission

To help orphaned children and orphanage graduates to find their place on earth and realize their God-given potential.


Thank you very much!


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