We have been running Hosting in the US program for over nine years. During this period, about six hundred children and hundreds of families have gained priceless experience. Hosting is about a family, though even temporary one; it's about sacrifice, love, and opportunity to choose Christian and family values. Hosting is about changing lives!

In the summer of 2019, three groups of children (46 in total) went to different parts of the United States.

The first minutes after arriving in America are always exciting! Some children run into the arms of their host families, happy to meet them for the second or third time. Others feel a little embarrassed while getting acquainted with their hosts who are about to open their hearts and homes for them. Although the adaptation period is usually not that easy, from the experience we already know that they will definitely become friends and spend unforgettable time together at the ocean or in the mountains, at the zoos or having breakfasts at family table…

Even more touching is saying goodbye at the airport at the end of the program. This time is sally filled with tear, hugs and promises…

However, this time something unexpected happened: it turned out that the group departing from New York on August 29 was missing two children, two brothers. The group leader called the host family and was told that the children were not coming to the airport since they were "staying in the US"...

It felt as if a grenade exploded filling everybody with anxiety and bitterness. Are those children OK and safe? How will this incident affect the future of the hosting families and other children? What is going to happen to a Hosting program?

The respective authorities in Ukraine and the USA were informed about the incident while the plane with children was in the air. The first results were disappointing. Negotiations with the host family did not lead to the desired results. Local police was unable to get into the house to make sure the children were safe.

But we couldn't give up. The Consulate of Ukraine in the US and the US Embassy in Ukraine reacted as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine – the main permissive authority for the Hosting Program – turned to the police for help and a criminal case of child abduction was initiated. Circle of Friends Charity, our partner organization in the United States, is working with attorneys on this issue. Together we are trying to make everything possible to bring children back to Ukraine. However, up to this day the situation remains unsolved.

Dear friends, we have always needed your prayer support, but now we need it like never before! Whatever has been achieved by the Hosting program over the years is very valuable! Pray that the Lord by His great mercy resolve this issue for the benefit of the children and the families.

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