And there is no greater joy for me than to hear that my children go in the way of truth (3 John 1:4)

  Every time our children, the boarding school graduates, make the life’s most important decision dedicating their lives to God and becoming part of the church, our hearts are filled with joy! Last summer two girls shared their joy with s!

  Inna Pereligina and Ania Tishchenko have been baptized! With thrill and excitement they proclaimed their faith and promised to serve the Lord in pure conscience. The girls were happy to do so in the circle of their friends, who now became their brothers and sisters. We are happy to see how churches become their families, and each of them has found a place there.

  The children we serve become adults who serve others. Ania helps out in the church and actively participates in summer camps, and Inna helps out serving people with disabilities.

  Again, we were reaffirmed that all our prayers and projects v visits to boarding schools, summer camps, etc. – do matter. God works in the lives and hearts of our children! So, let us rejoice and continue to pray for the children, for the prayer is our immense power!

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Помочь детям-сиротам, выпускникам интернатов и детских домов, найти свое место в жизни и реализовать заложенный Богом потенциал.

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