Historically, or work with volunteers has two main forms. First is a school format when we study psychology, pedagogic of trauma, develop mental, spiritual, and physical skills, that will help to serve the children; and (2) the informal meetings where get to know each other, interact, play games, and inspire one another.

  That’s why on August 11, the day before the arrival of children at ICAN camp, Ulyana Dolynyak conducted training for the camp team on practical interaction skills at the camp. Some volunteers refreshed their knowledge, and for the beginners the information was priceless. From the participants’ comments we know that this kind of training helps to focus on the main issues, i.e. discipline versus punishment, or "how to help the child keep the most memorable moments from the camp", etc.

  A new season of service started on September 21 with a warm and heartfelt meeting organized for the volunteers at the Youth with a Mission facility. Together with Sonia Matvienko we learned to interact as a team, met close friends new volunteers, talked, laughed, ate, roasted marshmallows, shared our testimonies and praised God in songs and prayers! It was a wonderful time!

  Svetlana Balyk, a volunteer from Vinnytsia, appreciated the warm family atmosphere of the meeting! “I was happy to see guys from the camp and meet new people. I also liked the opportunity to have a "relaxing day off"! – says Svetlana.

  Dan Lavrov, a volunteer with many years of experience, confirmed that the meeting was atmospheric and good. He is sure it was just what everybody needed to start the season.

  So, the Circle of Friends’ dream team of volunteers is confidently starting a new season of service! There are many challenges, changes and, we believe, God's miracles waiting for us!

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