The camp is a special time when the team serves the children and the children serve the team; when the church around the world unites in prayer and struggle for each child and adult; when God gives s to each other to share His grace, care and miracles.

  The theme of the ICAN camp in 2019 was «Take the Challenge!» Therefore, every participant either an adults or a child, had taken serious challenge for 10 days. Some were learning to see God in everything, others were learning to trust, to be friends, to be brave and make good choices.

  We had to trust God from the very beginning of the camp as we had only 60% of the necessary funds, but faithful God provided everything we needed, so we cold cover all the expenses. Thank you for your prayers, donation and participation!

  There were 53 campers and 42 staff, each lovingly serving those whom the Lord has entrusted to us.
  11 campers had a personal assistant 24/7 throughout the camp. We called those people tutors. Tutor is an assistant, a friend and a personal counselor for a difficult child. With the help of their tutors the children could quickly adjust to new conditions, food, and environment. God gave us excellent tutors, so the children were surrounded by attention and care while the group counselors were able to pay enough attention to the other kids in the group.

  After a few days in a safe, comfortable place with caring adults, the children had adjusted, relaxed, began to trust, and even decided to try something new like participating in group games and even performing on the stage. We thank God for the honor of serving his children and being at the epicenter of his miracles!

  In fact, there were much more things than we can fit into this newsletter for we saw God’s had at every stage of the project: team preparation, fundraising, campsite, wonderful weather, daily sea time, security, logistics (arrival of children and teams to the camp), every unique day of the camp, interaction and support between the participants, delicious food, dancing, singing, drawing, Bible lessons, people's open hearts, and their stories... The list can go on. The main thing is that even 10 days were enough to see the amazing changes in our children.

  See you again at ICAN camp!

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