For ICAN summer was a time when we were able to raise funds for an inclusive ICAN Camp by selling our products. We sincerely thank all the volunteers, parents and children who helped, created and participated in the fairs. This helped to spread the information about our project to a greater number of people.

  The children made postcards and volunteers distributed them.

  God blessed us and the work in ICAN continued even during the camp session. Thanks to the sales of ICAN products, we could set up a sewing workshop where the KlubOk participants can learn how to sew. God blessed s with the person who leads and develops this project, and we believe that this school year, our children and moms will rejoice discovering their new talents and abilities.

  Thank you for your prayers and support. We are moving forward, dreaming of the implementation of God’s great ideas in the lives of our children and families, through the inclusive projects in Ukraine.

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