Autumn came designating a new year of service! Every project needs your prayerful participation! We ask for your special prayers for the ClubOk, computer courses, and trips to boarding schools – projects that resume their work after the summer break.

  ClubOk returns to its normal schedule – 2 meetings a month at the People of God Church. Please pray for the children and the team, for the hearts to be able to love and support, for strength and inspiration to accomplish new things, for finances to embody or children’s dreams. Especially pray for the first meeting, because some participants did not see each other for the whole summer, and it is always thrilling and exciting to resume something after a long break!

  Max, the Computer Course Project Manager, shares: “The beginning of a new academic year is always a fresh start on the way to our dream. The students of the basic programming finished well last spring. We didn’t want them to dwell on their results but to continue their education on a more professional platform. So, we started a new group for advanced learning. This is a good news, because many of them want to become proficient in this popular field of programming. This year, God has blessed us with people who are willing to invest their time and efforts in our children. At the same time we continue to teach new children who want to learn this interesting discipline. Since the computer course started we’ve observed the consistent development of this project. The children do not stop learning, rather keep developing the knowledge and always learn something new. Pray for the further development of this project!”

  Resuming our visits to boarding schools is always a joy. First, because it is a long-awaited meeting of volunteer friends with children. Second, the teams are replenished with new team members, who met the children at camps and decided to continue serving them. We ask you to pray for the teambuilding activities to be done under God's guidance; and also for God’s blessing in everything we need v transportation, food, finances, gifts and good people! Pray for the administration of boarding schools and caregivers. Pray for the families of the children, that God cold open their hearts, heal and sanctify them, so the children could reunite with their loved ones! Also for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in everything, big and small!

  Bless the teams in Tarascha, Udaytsi, Miyorshchyna, Zaturci and Vilshana in a special way!
  Thank you for being with s all this time! Wishing you all the blessings, dear friends!

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