A few years ago, at the boarding school #26 in Kyiv, we met a boy named Bohdan, who lived with his old grandmother. We invited him to Clubok, and since then the boy has become a part of our large and friendly family.

  Bohdan has made many friends at ClubOk. He went to the camps, and even spent vacation in the US. We shared many joyful moments together.

  At the beginning of this academic year, Bohdan received a very good news - a wonderful doctor Sergei Gavriluk agreed to make a surgery on Bohdan’s face, (the boy suffered from ptosis, the lowering of the upper eyelid). Now this handsome yong man feels more confident, because on September 11 the doctor removed postoperative sutures. We rejoice with Bohdan and his grandmother! Now his life will be filled with a lot of smiles, new hopes and expectations!

  We express our special gratitude to Doctor Serhiy Havrylyuk for his open heart and wonderful work! We thank Natalia Fritz for her initiative and implementation of a joint charity project. May God bless and reward everyone!

  Another testimony of God’s mercy was the story of Kolia, a boy from Udaytsi boarding school. Before his trip to the camp it turned out the boy had a sickness and we were recommended to leave him at the boarding school. But we, aware of all the risks decided to give the boy an opportunity to enjoy his summer vacation at ICAN camp.

  While at camp we carefully monitored his health condition and soon it was clear the needed to see a doctor. After all the examinations, the doctors diagnosed pneumonia and recommended to hospitalize Kolia. This meant the boy would spend the whole camp session in hospital. But our brave nurse Anya (who came to the inclusive camp for the first time) agreed to do injections daily and follow all the doctor’s instructions, so that Kolia could stay at the camp.

  Thanks to all who prayed for Kolia. During the camp, his health improved significantly and he was healthy when leaving for home! Without him the camp would be different.

  In July and August our attention was focused on the health of Lyuba from boarding school in Zaturci (Volynska region). More than a month the girl spent in children’s hospital in Kiev as she had problems with her leg. According to the director of the boarding school, her mother started the treatment several times and never finished it because she didn’t want to spend too much time at the hospital. Volunteers visited the family at the hospital once or twice a week brining delicious treats and gifts. They provided a necessary support for the mother and her daughter in their difficult time. Lyuba underwent a surgery and prepared for a period of rehabilitation outside the hospital. We thank God and each volunteer for helping this family! We also ask you to pray for Lyuba’s full recovery!

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